IVA – Take Control of Your Finances

We provide Individual Voluntary Arrangements, or IVAs, for people with household debt. We work with clients across Cardiff, Newport and South Wales.

An IVA allows you to consolidate your debts and make one manageable monthly payment. We deal with your creditors and they will not contact you. If you cannot repay all of your debt any sum left at the end of the IVA is written off – even up to 80% of the total.

We aren’t a large call centre. You won’t speak to a different person every time you call. We are a local firm here to provide you with an IVA tailored to your needs.

Contact us today for a free and confidential chat. We will give our professional advice without any ‘sales pitch’ – just high quality advice to help you and your householdtake back control of your finances.

An IVA that works for you

  • Write off debt you cannot afford to repay. Evenup to 80% of your total debt.

  • Only pay into the IVA an amount you can afford after all of your reasonable household expenses are met.

  • You only have to make one fixed payment each month, rather than juggling payments to many creditors.

  • We deal with your creditors.They will stop contacting you for payments.

  • The IVA will be completed after a fixed number of years.

  • We arrange an IVA that works for you.

Take Control of Your Finances

We arrange IVAs for clients across Cardiff, Newport and South Wales.


Our promises to you:

  • We are not a large call centre.

  • You will not speak to a different person every time you call.

  • Your IVA will be tailored to your circumstances.

  • You will not be offered a ‘one size fits all’ service.

  • If you wish to meet us to discuss your IVA we will arrange a face to face meeting.

How much does an IVA cost to set up?

  • The monthly payments into the IVA are calculated to be manageable for you. We receive our fees by agreeing with your creditors that we will receive a proportion of those monthly payments. By doing so we ensure there is no additional cost to you.
  • We do not ask you to make any additional payments toward our fees and we will not ask you for any money in advance.
  • If the IVA is not agreed by the creditors you will not be charged for our work.

Only a licensed Insolvency Practitioner can arrange an Individual Voluntary Arrangement.Contact us today on 02920 611047 (Cardiff) or 01633 927002 (Newport) to see how we can help.